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Becoming a WP Ultimo Academy Instructor

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  • Last Update February 18, 2022


The idea behind the WP Ultimo Academy is to be a place where knowledge can be shared in a more practical kind of way – something that is hard to achieve with text-only documentation sites and one-off videos covering how a particular feature works in abstract.

That being said, we managed to pull together a wonderful group of people in our Community, each building their own projects, with different requirements and challenges.

We would be limiting ourselves and losing a great deal of valuable insights if we didn’t open the Academy to the community as a whole.

That’s why anyone can become a WP Ultimo Academy Instructor and offer free and paid courses on the platform!

In order to guarantee the quality of the courses we host here however, there are a couple of steps before you can be approved as an Instructor and have your courses featured.

This course goes over the process of applying, what are the course requirements, how free and paid courses work, and much more.

What Will I Learn?

  • How the application process works
  • What are the requirements to become an Instructor


  • None

Target Audience

  • Everyone