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Becoming a WP Ultimo Expert


WP Ultimo is a very flexible tool and one of its goals is to be able to offer the vast majority of the functionality users might need when building a SaaS or WaaS project.

Despite that, there will always be instances where custom development will be necessary to implement a specific project requirement, integration, or functionality.

That’s when custom development comes into the picture.

The next problem for WP Ultimo customers then becomes the process of finding a developer for hire that is technically capable to work with WP Ultimo and its codebase in a way that follows best-practices, meet a set standard in terms of code quality, and is future proof.

To help our customers in that endeavor, we keep a vetted list of WP Ultimo Expert developers. To be on that list, developers need to go through a series of tests to guarantee they meet the required standards.

This course goes over the application process, detailing the different steps and requirements to be part of that selected list.

What Will I Learn?

  • How the application process works
  • What are the requirements to become an Expert


  • None

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Agencies