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Building a Network


Up until this point, you have a pretty generic-looking WP Ultimo network, with default products and settings.

In this course, we’ll begin to explore the customization options offered by WP Ultimo and help you bring your network a little bit closer to the product you originally envisioned.

The goal is to more or less focus on the practical aspects of customizing a network, – like customizing without necessarily going too deep into the details of each of the features we’ll discuss, as we’ll have separate courses for that. We’ll make changes to the registration forms, create a login page, configure payment gateways in order to receive our first customer payments, etc.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to customize elements such as the registration form
  • How to create add-on products and offer them on the registration form
  • How to configure payment gateways
  • How domain mapping works
  • ... and more

Course content

10 Lessons

A primer on Products and the Checkout Forms

Understanding WP Ultimo Products
Offering Order Bumps
Understanding Checkout Forms
The Power of Site Templates
Customizing your Registration and Login Pages

Getting Paid

Domain Mapping

Your Plugin Stack




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Target Audience

  • Everyone