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Developing your first WP Ultimo Add-on


One of the coolest things about WordPress is how forgiving it can be when it comes to development. The amount of customizations you can make by pasting snippets inside a theme’s functions.php file is a testimony to that fact.

Things change a little when you need to develop production-grade software on-top of WordPress – or WP Ultimo, for that matter. Other factors such as performance, following best-practices, readability all come into play.

The goal of this course is to teach you how to get started with add-on development for WP Ultimo and to share what we’ve learn in the past 5 years of maintaining such a huge project.

We’ll go over some of the internal tools we use – and that we’ve open-sourced – to save time and guarantee code quality, such as our add-on boilerplate generator and MPB – our internal task runner, responsible for minifying files, formatting code, generating the final .zip, among other things.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to create a simple, yet functional, WP Ultimo Add-on
  • How to use WP Ultimo's open source tooling to do more
  • The best-practices to follow


  • Previous experience with WordPress development is desirable

Target Audience

  • Developers