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Need for Speed: Improving your Network’s Performance

  • Categories Scaling
  • Last Update February 18, 2022


We all know that WordPress gets a bad rep for being slow – even if it’s not true. Multisite has an even worst reputation when it comes to performance… But what is fact and what is fiction in this discussion?

The reality is that a lot has changed since the times where every WordPress site was being hosted on very limited shared hosting instances. We now have hosting providers offering server stacks specifically tailored to extract the best performance possible from WordPress, usually without requiring any additional setup.

The fact of the matters is that WordPress is super fast nowadays, but every additional element you add to it (be it a plugin, theme, block package, etc), makes it a little bit slower (or a lot slower, depending on the quality of said elements).

This course is a collection of tips and recommendations to make sure you’re getting the highest possible number of pages served from your server stack. We’ll talk about:

  • Do I really need a plugin for this? The dos and don’ts when adding a new plugin to your network
  • Measuring the impact of a particular plugin or theme on the overall performance
  • Caching strategies, from page and object cache to op-cache
  • Troubleshooting performance issues

What Will I Learn?

  • What are Support Agents
  • How to create Support Agents using the Add-on
  • Limiting the capabilities of Support Agents


  • Access to the WP Ultimo: Support Agents Add-on

Target Audience

  • Everyone