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The Basics


WP Ultimo does a lot of different things and integrates or modifies behaviors of pretty much all of WordPress native “modules”.

As a result adds a lot of admin screens and has tons of different options. While we try our best to keep everything as self-explanatory as possible, we know that a wall full of control knobs can be scary and even overwhelming.

This course will help you get familiar with the admin and customer UI and teach where to find the switches you’ll use the most.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to install the WP Ultimo
  • How to navigate your WP Ultimo Dashboard
  • How to access our support channels

Course content

6 Lessons

Learning the Fundamentals

Choosing a Hosting Provider
Installing WP Ultimo
Migrating from V1
How to Get Help

Understanding your Dashboard



Material Includes

  • Final Quiz to test your knowledge!


  • None

Target Audience

  • Everyone that recently acquired WP Ultimo and wants to learn the fundamentals of the plugin